About Profilmmaker

About Profilmmaker

Filming in Profilmmaker edit suite

Profilmmaker was founded by Toby Risk a veteran of video and film production. 

Toby brings a unique blend of media expertise with the experience of having founded several businesses, to every video production project. 

Toby understands business priorities and pain points and is a master at distilling complex ideas into simple messages.

Toby strongly believes that the power of a well crafted and targeted business film can impart vast quantities of relevant information with minimal time investment from the viewer.

“It’s all about showing and not telling.

Corporate videos and business films are simply the most accessible way of achieving this.

When a potential customer sees with their own eyes how well your product works, the quality of your people, and that your business closely aligns with their own priorities, they’ll have the knowledge and confidence to make a quick buying decision.”


It’s an easy word to throw around but we make sure that, at every stage of the production process we reach the highest technical standards and creative quality we can.

Whether its sound, picture, editorial, colour grading or whatever. 

Clear sound, free of distortion and extraneous noises, precise and beautiful photography and editing that creates a flowing business film that says exactly what’s intended, without wasting a second of your customer’s valuable time.I

Every business film is bespoke

Every business film we make is unique for your business’ needs.

We’ll work with you to plan the story and/or objectives of the video. 

We’ll plan a schedule with you and frequently ask you for any input and feedback during the process. 

On most projects this includes giving you the opportunity to make changes over 2 revision cycles.

Read about our production process.

We train and keep training

All our Filmmakers are trained to the same high standards.

They then receive ongoing training, mentoring and supervision. 

Each Filmmaker also benefits from mutual support from all the other Filmmakers in our network, resulting in a virtuous cycle of higher and higher achievement across all filmmaking disciplines