A production brief. How to write it clearly and simply

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So you’ve got the buy in from the boss to commission a new video. You’ve even shortlisted a few videographers and production companies that you feel are likely to deliver a superb result.  What’s next? To prepare a production brief.

A production brief not only informs the videographer about the objectives of the video, it also serves as a route map throughout all stages of the video production. This will help you and the filmmaker to not deviate from the main objectives.

Here’s a summary of what you should include in the production brief

Define your audience

Knowing who your audience is, has to be the most important insight you should have before starting on the video production process.

If you know your audience then the message, content and where they will see the video should be easy to figure out.  

Knowing the audience also means you and the videographer can keep any irrelevant content out of the video.

What are the objectives for your video

Any objectives for your video should align closely within your general marketing or communication strategies. There is no point producing a film that sits outside of what your business is trying to achieve.

Additionally you should define 3 main objectives for the video.  For example: to showcase a new product or process; to highlight a key achievement; to inform all employees about health & safety changes.

The core message

The core message can usually be defined easily once you know the audience and video objectives.  It is usually a central theme or message that the video is built around.

Where are your audience

To ensure your video gets in front of your selected audience you need to know where they are.  Are they potential customers at a trade show; industry influencers on social media; sales team members in your meeting room on a Monday morning.  Your filmmaker will film and format the final video in consideration of the intended distribution channels.


Your videographer can help you refine your ideas here but think about whether you want people interviewed; particular processes or products; your business location both inside and out.  Do you need any animated graphics produced?  Is there anything that shouldn’t be shown to protect your IP..

Styling and your brand

The video production company is likely to come up with a creative treatment but if you have ideas about the style of video you need or if it needs to be consistent with other marketing communication styles you use then put these in the brief.  It’s also a good idea to give brand guidance details. In terms of your logo, fonts and colour schemes that need to be used in the video.

Budgets and stuff

Budgets and practicalities are important information to avoid wasted time later.  Do you have deadlines or specific dates that a shoot must or cannot happen? Do you have any budgetary constraints?

In summary

The production brief doesn’t need to be pages long. A bullet point list of relevant information that has been agreed with your team, will enable the video producer to get a clear idea of what you need to achieve.  This in turn will result in a smoother and more efficient video production process.

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