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Why use Profilmmaker to produce your manufacturing videos

Profilmmaker are specialists in producing manufacturing videos. We capture the micro detail and macro overview of your manufacturing processes, expertise and products.

There are many types of manufacturing videos that can be targeted at your customers, supply chain, employees and the wider industry.

The most common videos are brand awareness videos, explainer videos, product videos, demo videos, health and safety videos and training videos.

Manufacturing videos are used for websites, social media, events, training and sales presentations.

Your videos can be any length, but on average we produce films between 60 seconds and 3 minutes.  It all depends on the type of video and your target audience

Our manufacturing videos are made with creativity, technology, experience and passion

Filming filling machinery for a manufacturing video

We’ll film your factory, equipment, processes and any interviews in full 4K UHD video. This provides the best source quality to deliver for many formats.

Filming manufacturing videos requires an understanding of the factory process, the machinery, people and skills and the wider industry.

We use creative lighting, time-lapse photography, high speed filming for extreme slo-mo, sliders and gimbals for smooth motion and drones for aerial photography.

A quick summary of the manufacturing video production process

We usually start by visiting your location and meeting you. If you haven’t got one we’ll help you produce a production brief, which will be the master guide for what your manufacturing video needs to achieve.

If needed we will script, storyboard and obtain licences for the filming day.

Filming days usually start early with exterior shots, before we move inside where we’ll film interviews, production processes and key features you want to show.

After filming we’ll take the footage back to our editing studio to edit pictures and audio.

We’ll send you rough cuts as the edit progresses, incorporating your changes as we go.

Once the final edit is finished we’ll reformat the video to your target delivery channels. This could be social media, your website, youtube, meeting rooms, screens at exhibitions, or a format your sales team can take on the road.

Need more detail? Read the full version of our video production process

Worker in flourescent vest directing movement of huge plant