The Shepperton – 3 min business film

1 day filming. 2 interviews and b-roll. 1 edited video up to 3 minutes long focussed on presenting your business values, what you do and how you work.  This is a fully edited and polished film which you will be proud to showcase as a calling card for your business.

  • a must see video for potential customers who will get to know and trust your business
  • planned with your ideas and input
  • professionally filmed
  • 2 feedback, review cycles as we edit, keeps you in control of the film
  • sound and pictures will be finished to broadcast standards.
  • delivered in 3 formats for different channels of your choice, (web, youtube, linkedIn etc..)*
  • Brand awareness film
  • Company culture videos
  • Event videos
  • Product launch

from £2295.00

What's included

  • 1 day filming at 1 location with a single camera and 1 or 2 person crew
  • 2 interviews
  • All standard equipment required for filming and sound recording.
  • Location within 75 miles of either Jcn 8/M25 OR Jcn 19/M4
  • Fully edited, colour graded video with sound design and music delivered in high resolution.

How it works

We’ll schedule a call to get an insight into your business, your objectives and any ideas you have that should be included. We’ll also do a location recce to check the place is appropriate for filming. If not then we’ll work with you to find a better location.

We’ll compile a shot list that should include everything you need to be filmed, it will also have a lot of ideas from us but the vital part is we don’t miss any of your priorities

On shoot day we’ll arrive and setup. This usually takes about an hour. We find it’s best to film any interviews first if the interviewees are available. Everyone’s fresher and it will guide the context of the video and inform our crew what b-roll they should film. Please have a bullet point list available of the subjects the interviewees should cover.

We’ll film for about six to eight hours including the interviews; premises inside and out; equipment / machines; production lines and products, depending what’s required.

Packing up takes another hour. If you need us to be cleared away by a certain time then let us know well in advance.

The post-production process is multi-staged and we will engage with you frequently to ensure, you’re happy with the way the video is progressing. Once the edit is finalised, you’ll have up to 2 revision cycles to make changes before we perform the final colour grade and sound mastering.

The completed film will be delivered to you in high resolution in up to 3 formats for different distribution channels.*


* If your chosen channel requires reformatting the video to fit a different screen shape then additional charges may apply.