What to expect from a videographer?

Filming filling machinery for a manufacturing video

Not surprisingly, as photography is the process of creating photographs, videography is the process of creating videos.

All television programmes, web videos, exhibition videos, corporate films, wedding videos and almost all movies are shot on some kind of digital media as opposed to film, the term videography could be extremely broad.

There is a very clear definition of a photographer which pretty much everyone understands, but the term videographer is looser, meaning different things to different people.

A Videographer definition attempt

A videographer, is usually a multi-skilled person who has the skills to plan, film, edit and deliver a video or ‘film’, either on their own or with just a few extra crew. This isn’t very different to a ‘filmmaker’ who is usually understood to be somebody who writes, directs and produces their own films. The moniker Filmmaker can also be applied to anyone involved in making a film from the Runner to the Director. Everyone has their own definition but in my mind a Videographer is a specific kind of filmmaker.

There are many productions where it’s not practical for a single videographer to handle the entire process. Feature films often employ many hundreds of people and take over a year to make. Once you get into set design, makeup, large camera rigs, multiple actors or large brands with many priorities, then employing a production house or agency would be preferable.

However, at the corporate end of videography, the demand for fast turnaround videos with limited scope and defined audiences is increasing year on year as society consumes video in ever greater quantities, and buying decisions are often influenced by video.

Many corporate videos do not require agencies, production houses and larger production costs, however, not producing a video professionally is likely to be even more costly, as potential customers are likely to view your brand, products and credibility as inferior.

Luckily, there is a happy mid-point solution for small businesses to produce professional videos for their marketing strategies and that is to engage the services of a videographer.

A Videographer should be multi-skilled

A videographer is likely to be skilled in several different disciplines of the video making process. Like photography a videographer would need to know lighting and camera operation, focus, exposure, composition etc. He also needs to be able to understand how to mic up and record sound in different environments. She needs great editing skills, some amount of sound design and mixing ability. They need to be able to marry the sound and pictures to create entertaining stories that meet the clients objectives and draw the viewer in.

Additionally a videographer might help you write, plan and storyboard your video, a valuable service which can save you hundreds or thousands from your budget. They would be able to advise on what is practical to include in the video and guide you away from costly mistakes. Some will even assist in pushing the video on social media and setting up the appropriate ad campaigns.

Most videographers utilise much of their own equipment and will hire whatever else is required for each production, whether that is lights, cameras, lenses, microphones, tripods etc, etc..

Think of videographers as experts in small scale video or film production able to produce the professional videos that dominate our social media feeds and create the highest web visitor to customer conversion rate.